Preventives – Prophylaxis: A low potency repeated in one to two-week intervals when an epidemic is around is a good approach.


Chickenpox Variolinum
Cholera Ars, Camph, Choler, Cupr-m, Cupr-ac, Op, Sulph, Verat-a
Colds Dulc, Echin, Influen, Occillo, Tub-av
Diptheria Apis, Diptherinum, Kali-m, Lac-c, Merc, Merc-cy, Phos, Pyrogen
Gonorrhea Arg-n, Med, Merc
Hepatitis Hep-A, Hep-B, Lyc
Influenza Acon, Ars-a, Bac, Bapt, Bry-a, Carb-v, Eucal, Eup-per, Gels-s, Influen, Lach, Occillo, Phos, Rhus-t, Sep, Sulph
Malaria Ars-i, Caust, Chin-s, Eup-per, Gels, , Nat-m, Nux-v, Rhus-t, Sep, Sulph, Ter
Measles Acon, Ars, Ferr-p, Morbill, Puls-n, Puls-pr
Meningitis Arg-n, Bell, Chin, Meningococcinum
Mumps Baryta-carb, Parotid, Pila, Trif-r, Rubeolavirus/Paramyxoviridae
Pertussis Carbo-v, Cupr, Dros, Pertussinum
Plague Bapt, Hyos, Ign, Pest, Ruta
Polio Bell, Cocc, Cur, Gels, Lathyrus-sativa, Physostig, Polio
Rabies Bell, Camph, Canth, Hyos, Lyss, Stram
Rubella Puls, Rubella
Scarlet Fever Ail, Acon, Apis, Bar-c, Bell, Camph, Eucal, Nat-m, Phyt, Rhus-t, Scarlat, Sulph
Smallpox Ant-t, Colch, Hydr, Joan, Kali-cy, Sarr, Sin-n, Thuj, Vac, Variolinum, Silica
Tetanus Arn, Clostrid-tet, Hyper, Led, Phys, Tet, Tax, Thuj
Tuberculosis Bac, BCG, Carc, Dros, Sulph, Tub
Tularemia Franciscella-tularensis
Typhoid Aethim, Aloe, Thyphoid
Typhus Bapt, Hyos, Ign, Pest, Ruta
Vaccinia Bell, Malandrinum, Silicea, Thuj, Variolinum
Yellow Fever Ars, Carb-v, Crot-h, Eucal

This whole chart is adapted from NCH (National Center for Homeopathy) website



Nosodes are the potentized exudate of the disease. For example, a homeopathic pharmacy can in 2006 take the fluid from the runny nose of a person who has the flu. This fluid is then diluted and succussed to make various potencies. The flu nosode may be named Influenzinum 2006. Most states require a doctor’s prescription to obtain a nosode even when ordering online. Lyssinum is the nosode for rabies, Pertussin for whooping cough, Tuberculinum for TB.


Over the past 100 years, allopathic medicine has developed vaccines for nearly all serious epidemic diseases. (Such as DPT, Polio, Smallpox, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Hepatitis A & B, Pneumonia, Meningitis.) In keeping with the desire to prevent serious infectious disease and out of concern for the side effects of vaccination, some homeopaths have developed a parallel system of Homeoprophylaxis using remedies that are either nosodes of the specific disease or remedies that have been highly effective in treating that disease. Some currently recommended regimens nearly identically mirror the allopathic vaccination model, with 28 doses or more of 200C to 1M potency doses given over the first five years of life. Many homeopaths have appropriately voiced concerns with the vaccination process; however, substituting isopathic nosodes for vaccination may not be the answer.


Best is to have a small emergency homeopathic kit to help out in ANY dis-ease and KNOW IT THOROUGHLY. Then remember to keep it with you always. Take the kit on every vacation, every trip. Use it. For the whole family. Use it for yourself, your family, and for others who ask.


And if you do decide to take a vaccination, use homeopathics before and afterwards to help mitigate any side effects… Before vaccinations take 1 dose: Arnica. After vaccinations take: Ledum or Hypericum. A 30C potency size is fine and available at most health food stores.


Vaccination assumption: Disease is contagious. What if it isn’t!


Theory: Disease may not be caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites or prions. Dis-ease may take a person off balance and then bacteria, viruses, parasites or prions appear. What! Dr. Eos, what gives you the right to say that??


Let me take you back to the 1990’s when I first found Homeopathy. I was still very scientific in my thinking. I had been an Emergency Medicine physician for over a decade. When a medication didn’t bring the results of what it usually did to the patient, I made theories and tested those theories. I found that though pharmacology said a drug would chemically do certain things in a patient, sometimes those certain things did not happen. After much experience, I found that the anomalies had to do with the person who was the patient… or perhaps even the doctor or nurse who gave the drug. Could it be, I said, that more is acting here than the chemistry of the drug and the patient?


So in 1990 I was out on a Native American Indian Reservation late at night. I was on emergency duty in the hospital, one nurse with me and no other physicians around. No anesthesiologist. No pediatrician. No specialist. Not even access to an x-ray machine. The nurse called me. I entered the room. A 2 year old child was sitting on Mom’s lap, leaning forward, with drool from the mouth and a high pitched upper respiratory wheeze and a fever. Not good. I have seen many epiglottitis patients, a swelling in the neck caused by aggressive gram-positive bacteria that make the child have this classic look and sound. Most of the time they have to be intubated, have a tube placed in their throat to keep the airway open. Now, hear me, there is a lot of bacteria in the tissue in the throat causing a well recognized set of symptoms with a usual minute by minute progression that rarely ends well if not taken care of immediately with intravenous antibiotics and other help.


Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered my homeopathic class that I had just taken a couple of months before this child was in front of me. The teacher said to give 3 remedies. I couldn’t remember two of them but I remembered Hepar-sulf. So I took out my little kit, asked first the nurse, then the Mom, if I could give something that wouldn’t hurt and might help. They gave permission and I placed the homeopathic pellet in the child’s armpit. I then turned around to make arrangements for the usual necessary medical treatments. Well… within five minutes I went back in to check on our little life threated patient. She was curled up in Mom’s lap sleeping. Sleeping! Without the throat elongated in a desperate attempt to obtain air! Sleeping… Not a usual progression of a well known to me disease.


That was the beginning of my seeing magic in the emergency room when I would use homeopathics.


Question: Where did the aggressive gram-positive bacteria go? Can bacteria just disappear? Can the physical results of the bacteria just disappear? Cuz that is what I had just seen.


The only explanation is that a homeopathic pellet with no physical substance in it, DID SOMETHING. It made a difference. So if the pellet is only the energy of the Hepar-sulf, it is possible that dis-ease is just an energetic happening!


Theory: Each ‘contagious’ disease has a Character. The Character is the collective of the symptoms of a disease or event causing the dis-ease. The Character is composed of the energy from the fear of… the terrorism threats, political events, radiation fallout, or other fear causes of the day and a collective belief of inability to change the course of events. Think of the Character as an iCloud absorbing all the facebook texts’ energy, swirling it, and injecting it into open spots in individuals who are watching. All purely energetic. And once absorbed by the individual that is not at ease… presto… An epidemic appears and is given a name of the bacteria that is present. Perhaps it is the Mumps because the throat, the seat of voice and speaking up, is unable to yell and voice the people’s concern. So the dis-ease begins to build up into bumps in the neck area making it hard to swallow anything being fed to the individual right then. Hmmmm…


A Prophylactic Remedy is a chosen remedy close to the major characteristics of a disease or illness. The remedy helps to keep healthy people healthy.


Epidemics or pandemics are outbreaks of a disease affecting simultaneously great numbers of people in one or several areas. Even though the epidemic may be one disease such as influenza, the Character may vary. For Example, in 1913 a shaking weakness of Gelsemium prevailed, and in 2006 a high fever with pneumonia of Baptisia prevailed, though both outbreaks are from the same flu virus. Each epidemic Character depends on factors: prevailing weather conditions, barometric changes, association of vectors/animals, and the reaction to and Character of the crowd and individual fear factors.


Perhaps the above Theory is not the perfect explanation of what is happening but it is a start. It is the one I have held onto the longest. So far my actions in choosing remedies that stem from this theory have borne it out as viable. So much so that I no longer believe in ‘contagious disease’ and I no longer believe in receiving vaccinations of preparations of organisms injected into me for the sake of these contagious diseases.


Thank you for listening. To vaccinate or not and to whom and whether mandated forcing of the procedure and consequences of refusal is a hot topic. Scalding actually. And I am on one end with a unique view. Please, decide for yourself. Best of wishes to you. –Dr Nancy



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